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Friday, October 29, 2010


We often decide what defines our joys and our sorrows. We carry the load of our worries, often self-created. Our dreams, instead of giving us wings of a bird, give us the shells of molluscs: shells that we choose to confine ourselves to.

We fail to identify what our troubles really are. We fail to identify what should really bother us...

Then, I thought of these lines. Each time I read them, I see a step deeper. Closer. To a person I have lost touch with - myself.

"my weight i carry on my shoulders..
my weight i see tied to my waist...

a weight in my heart i feel..
and i do not even know who it belongs to."

Monday, October 04, 2010

Khichdi - the movie - the review

'Khichdi' sets a trend by being the first Hindi serial to be made into a movie. The movie takes the characters from the TV serial to a new level altogether.

One line - this is the best comedy movie I have seen in a theatre! The movie is very comparable to the Herapheris and Andaaz apna apnaas of the world.

The movie tickles you from the word 'go'. Hansa brings the house down with her amazing performance. She is effectively supported by everyone else.

The 'Bhosale market chal' song was good fun to hear/watch onscreen.

The court scene at the end makes you go rolling in laughter. Among the other scenes that one remembers are the pre-interval scenes and the scene with Farah Khan. The movie, unlike many other movies, picks up tempo in the second half and culminates in a fun climax with a TOTALLY unexpected and hilarious end.

The movie does not assume that the viewer has seen the TV serial - a friend who had not seen the serial loved the movie as much as I did.

There are one or two jokes which are repeated from the TV serial. As a voracious viewer, I could not help but notice.

The parodies of 'Beedi jalaaile' and 'Bheege honth tere' are BORING and in bad taste. The music, overall, does not attract my interest.

I think the movie was not publicised enough. :-( :-(

Overall, I strongly recommend people to watch the movie.


I watched the movie in a theatre with recliner seats and LOVED the experience!