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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gulzaarish: The movie review for 'Guzaarish'

The title is 'Gulzaarish' because the lyrics of the songs of this movie are very 'Gulzaar'-ish. I mean... 'Sau gram zindagi' is so from the same line of thought as 'hum ne gilehari ke joothe mutter khaaye hai' (Thats a line from a song in Kaminey btw)

Coming back to the movie.. the movie is strictly ok. There is a plastic doll with the name Aishwarya Rai who wears red lipstick and shows cleavage - slightly too much for a nurse. There is a Hrithik Roshan who does a very good job as the patient. There is a Shernaz Patel who is amazing - and a Aditya (lastname?) who is an apt support. The movie has a sharp Sanjay Bhansali mark for it is visually stunning. It indeed is as beautiful as Devdas, Saawariya and Black. (I rate all three of them at the same level in that department) The visuals excite you, scare you and soothe you - just what is intended of them in each scene.

On the positive side is, of course, Hrithik's marvellous performance though some of his dialogues are not clearly spoken. The dialogues and the story does keep you engaged - though towards the end, they get predictable.

The topic of Euthanaisa that the movie handles somehow did not appeal to me. It so looks like a non-issue to me - and I am only a naive individual, a student who believes that there is a right to die for all of us as much as a right to live.

The best part of the movie is the last scene and the fact that the movie somewhere ends on a happy note. On the flip side, there is not one scene that appealed to me (unlike 'Black' which had some extraordinary sequences in parts)

Overall, I do not think the movie appealed to me as much as it appealed to many of my friends/critics online. It is entertaining - not a masterpiece or something.

So much to write

I am currently playing the role of the campus placement manager at IIT Bombay. There are six of us who co-ordinate a team of about fifty. This post is not very unrelated to this fact.


So much to speak, so much to write. There's so much that I think I've learnt in the last couple of months that I have enough supply for a year.

However, among other things, there's one thing that I've learnt which stops me from posting the others on the blog right now. And that one thing overrides and in some way explains my changed posting habits...

That one thing is that there is a right time and place for saying things. Even if they are your most genuine thoughts. Right now, the time is not right for me to express.

I don't want to be a volcano that explodes and burns. I want to be a river that emerges from a glacier.. and the glacier is yet melting.

So much to write.. and I will.