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Monday, June 06, 2011

'Ready': Movie Review

Last time I said certain bad things about Salman Khan (which was about his show 'Dus ka Dum' where he got his pronunciations totally messed up. On purpose perhaps), I was harrowed by hate messages - so I better watch out this time.

Talking about 'Ready', I must say that it did NOT live up to my expectations. I expected it to be a 'rofl'worthy movie - it was not.

The movie has its fun elements where I did go laughing myself off. Only wish there had been more such gags in the movie.

Salman Khan steals the show with his histrionics. He dances, fights, laughs in his own inimitable style! He is THE reason to watch the movie for. Asin looks good and plays her part well. When you see her, you exactly know why she is different (and positively so) from the Kareenas and Katrinas. Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar and Manoj Pahwa provide an able support.

The songs are hilarious and very well picturized. I LOVE 'Dhinka Chika'!

However, the movie is a nearly forced mix-mash of action, family drama, romance and comedy. But the elements do not really mix with each other well - a lot of things look forcefully put. The whole preachy family drama at the end is nothing more than shallow. There are also many glitches in the screenplay which adversely affect the impact of the movie.

Overall, the movie is surely very good and entertaining but surely could have been much better! It is not as good as 'No entry' or 'Dabangg' for sure!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Without you... *Recommended*

Disclaimer: Mostly imaginary.

I wrote your name in the sand with my toe. Just the way you had written it years ago on another beach.
Back then, it was your name with mine.

I heard the song playing on my phone faintly through the sound of the tide. The song you had sung for me once - looking into my eyes and filling me with the love of the world. Or perhaps a world of love.

"It's going to hurt. And it's going to hurt like hell." I exactly knew what Ranjita meant when she had said that. My trust on you had become equivalent to my trust on the fact that love exists in the world. And today I felt like my soul had been squeezed out of my body through my heart.

I cannot describe what I was feeling at that moment. Because like the hues of the sky, there were so many emotions at the same time. I was choking under the weight of the anger, the fear, the sorrow, the joy, the relief (well, yes), the desperation, the hope and the utter darkness that seemed to have blinded me for over twenty days. Ever since the door was banged shut on my face.

I saw the reflection of the sun on the wet beach. It looked like the sun was right there- like a fish out of water, wriggling its last moments away on the sand.

I looked above the horizon and the sun was still there. In all its glory. With all its light.

The reflection of the sun may have gone wet - but the sun knew that there was more to him than the reflection. The sun was bright. The sun was as powerful.

I walked on, leaving your name behind me on the sand. I heard the waves splash and move back. My feet sank slightly .. perhaps to the shock that your name had been wiped off... but I had no time to wait.

The song on the phone had come to an end. I kept walking.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Revival of the Fittest

As I type this post here, I feel like a dancer who's entering the auditorium after a long time. Dressed in deep blue, she looks at the lights piercing into her eyes. She looks at the stage glowing like a glistering beach. She puts up her left hand and with her right hand, takes a spin.

With the spin, flashes come back to her. Flashes of a spoilt performance. Flashes of a sprained ankle. Flashes of a lover distanced because she had no time for him. She hardly completes one circle around herself and sits down on the stage. The lights on the stage go off. Just one spotlight on her.


Then she gets back. Stands on one leg this time with the other leg bent. She throws her hands in the air and closes her eyes. She recollects the euphoria - the thundering applause, the stage vibrating with every footstep of hers as if it were a part of her own body. She remembers her dancing self moving to every lub-dub of the heart that the stage is. The drop of sweat rising from the back of her neck makes way down her spine. She spins twice in succession and covers the entire stage. She is the queen of the stage today. She puts down her hands and throws a glance at the empty chairs.

She is short of breath and opens her mouth slightly. Without her knowledge, the sides of her lips stretch into a smile. A gush of energy fills her again. While she is ruling the stage, she is ruling the auditorium too.


You can revive a passion only if you get up even after the lights on the stage have gone off.


I get up on this stage too.