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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dogs and cats: The farewell dilemma

Tomorrow I leave the city I grew up in. There's this question which repeatedly keeps coming to me. Am I a cat or a dog?

Attachments and loyalty are said to be different in a cat and a dog. A dog loves the people of the house - the way they pet him, the way they play with him. A cat loves the house, the place - her favourite corner, her food bowl.

In these weeks of farewell, I have often wondered if I am a cat or a dog... if I love the places more or if it is just the people that makes the place so close to me.

Will I miss IIT, the place or will it be the people at IIT who made it so awesome?

When I realize that almost all my friends have now left IIT Bombay, the places that
I think, for me, it's the latter. I am a 'dog' among the 'dog-cat' options. And I won't miss Mumbai as much as I would miss the people that made me what it is to me.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

'Delhi Belly' : Movie Review

This belly grumbles and farts and makes you go crazy with laughter. This movie essentially has the dark, in-your-face jokes and gags which you surely need to keep your mind 'open' to understand.

So get ready for a smuggler getting a package full of faeces delivered instead of diamonds. A burqa-clad man entering a random house to quickly enter the toilet as the family squirms in their seats hearing him fart inside. Or a neighbour being blackmailed with his pictures with a prostitute - this one leaves no bars!

Imran Khan is not really the only hero of the film - for its story is more like a college one-act play (and yes, the movie has no interval too.). It is the entire cast with its characters and situations that makes this movie a total entertainer. The three friends (Imran Khan, Vir Sanghvi and the third guy) are a riot together! The two ladies have done a very good job. The dialogues are quirky, uncouth and witty most of the times. While the story moves ahead with a steady pace, the 'Chudail' track is a definite dip in the pace of the narrative and hence the impact. At the end of the movie, one gets an incomplete feeling - wanting for more! The climax surely shows promise for a sequel!

All songs are very unique. 'Nakkad-wale disko' is good - but the weakest among the lot. 'Bedardi Raja', 'DK Bose' and 'Switty' are remarkable and will make very good party songs. Aamir Khan makes a very ordinary 'I hate you like I love you' extremely enjoyable to watch.

Overall, the Delhi-set 'Pyaar ka punchnama' was awesome - this one takes up the Delhi setting again and churns out a hilarious entertainer. Bole toh, is season mein dilli hit hai bawa!!

So, look at yourself in the mirror. Are you decent? Are you offended by toilet humour? Are you disgusted with a man being pulled by his tie? Are you embarrassed watching a girl sitting on the lap of a man (the other way round)? If ALL these questions have 'no' for an answer, go watch the movie for sure!