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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three children

To Nishant Kachawa for the basic idea. The story is, in my small way, a look at child psychology, inverted.

Note: "Purely imaginary". May appear superficial, stupid and funny.

Piramal Indranath Chandok had three children - Pyaare Mohan, Chandra Chur and Devi Prakash Chandok. Pyaare Mohan was an intelligent child - hardworking and serious about his studies. He never missed a test or skipped doing his homework. Chandra Chur was hard-working too but often did not work smartly. He often got into fights with his peers over petty issues. Piramal had to go to the Principal's office twice owing to complaints about Chandra Chur.

Devi Prakash Chandok was lethargic and disinterested in every sense. It was only because of the rule of not failing children in their examinations that Devi Prakash Chandok had made it to the fifth standard.

Piramal Indranath Chandok once went to a student counsellor and was told that the youngest two of his children were highly demotivated and needed encouragement.

So it started. Each time a guest came in, Devi Prakash Chandok was praised for the way he digs his nose. Each time they went out to the mela, Chandra Chur was given a balloon and told what a talented child he is.

Pyaare Mohan would sit in a corner doing his homework staring at his parents buying new shirts for Devi Prakash Chandok and Chandra Chur.

The parents were only trying to encourage 'the ones who needed encouragement'. Devi Prakash Chandok was happier and 'roly-poly'er than ever. Chandra Chur was playing with the awesome toy that he had got - one of the world's best toys.

Pyaare Mohan stared at the ceiling and got back to his homework. He loved his brothers and was very happy about the fact that they were motivated and happy. However, he pitied his own plight. He was perhaps paying the price for studying on time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mothers #4

Note: As a part of the 'Mothers' stories. The last post under the title is at: http://aadityaandme.blogspot.com/2010/01/mothers-3.html

Disclaimer: Completely fictitious. Vague.

The school bell rang and a horde of kids rushed out. In the crowd, was Neeta. Neeta saw me waiting at the entrance of the school and waved out to me. I held her hand as I walked Neeta through a busy street.

I would be there at 1 sharp every single afternoon.Occasionally, I bought Neeta a chocolate or two. In fact, Neeta would get one, without fail, when she scored well in her tests.

Neeta would sit on the swing with me to hear stories from Ramayan. It was me who got a five-minute act rehearsed from Neeta for a drama competition in school. I never let anyone touch my dressing table - Neeta was, however, allowed to try my lipstick or my earrings.

I would always buy a gift a day before Neeta's examination results. That's because, Neeta was bound to come running to me with her report card and get a gift after every result of hers. When Neeta would fall ill, I would walk barefoot to the temple praying for Neeta's health.

When Neeta was happy, she would hug me and give me a peck on my cheek. The kiss from the little girl meant a world to me.

But before I could realise, Neeta had grown up.

Now I wanted to ask Neeta what her college was like, what Neeta wanted to do in her life. Neeta only returned a smile now as she crossed me in the building.

It did not matter that I considered Neeta my daughter. It did not matter that I gave Neeta the love I would have given my child if I had one.

I was just a neighbour. I was not her mother. Too bad that people like me who play the role of a mother temporarily end up feeling like and expecting what a mother would.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Tere bin Laden' - Review

Stop reading my review and book your tickets to the movie. If you have some time left till the next show, read on.

The concept of this 2 hour-long (or do I say, two hour short?) movie is so unique that the movie wins half the battle for me. Add to it the surprisingly original situations and jokes, and the movie is a fresh product of art.

Ali Zafar is not an exceptional actor, in fact below average - he looked like the male version of Katrina Kaif to me. :-p. He does a decent job however. The other characters are so well-written and interesting and so like a Chetan Bhagat book that like many CB book characters, you end up liking each one of them. The characters Gul, Noora, the RJ and the channel editor are unforgettable! The makeup lady, the American officer and the Pakistani officer are just ok. They do not impress as such.

The HERO of the movie is the story and the dialogues. The movie has some hilarious moments like a murga-baang (cock-crowing) competition, a donkey with the American army and a man being pulled down into a manhole to have the American cops waiting for him inside the sewer. The movie uses far-fetched imagination at times but right till the end, the movie continues to take control of the audience's attention. It is only the climax that looks unconvincing but by the time it happens, the movie is over and you have had a great time.

The movie proved to me that glamorous actors are just not required for a movie to be good/entertaining.

The songs are not typical S-E-L songs - nevertheless, like many of their songs, excellent. The actor playing Osama looks very Osama. The other actors are styled well too.

Overall, the movie is a riot - an absolute riot. (Ignore the climax.) I am buying a dvd when it releases!! Go ahead n watch it guys!

P.S.: I have never laughed harder in a theatre.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Amboli & Korum mall food court - Review

Two eating places reviews in one

Location: Thane

Amboli: Amboli is a new eating place that has opened up in Vartak Nagar, Thane. The place specializes in Malvani cuisine. I chanced upon that place sometime last week and this is what I feel about it.

A large crab on the sign outside the place grabs one's eye. The place is very small but done well. Red roofed ceiling, walls with shells and corals and furniture to match makes it a nice place.

The staff is hospitable but often keep peeping over your shoulder onto your plate - that can get unnerving.

The menu is neat with some glaring grammatical errors which, if rectified, will be very good.

The food, however, takes the cake! (and the icing and the cherry). The popular names like 'Bhendi masala' retain the authentic Malvani taste. Solkadhi was a delight - slightly pungent, in sync with the Malvani flavour of food.

The fish and prawns are cooked in amazingly yummy gravy and a complete delight.

The best part of the place is that the food is very reasonably priced. An average meal for two costs Rs. 400.


Korum mall food court was a disastrous experience. The 'Soup bowl' served the worst soups I had had. The 'special' long soupsticks were stale and chewy.

The stuff from KFC there was pathetic as well. Avoid avoid avoid!