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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa - Movie Review

What do you get when you mix tomato sauce with strawberry jelly, add oregano seasoning and whip it adding coconut water spoon by spoon? A disaster similar to 'Dil bole hadippa'...

The screenplay heavily borrows from a lot of films making it tasteless like the recipe I just mentioned. The bad part is - the film does not convince you in any way:
  1. Why is the movie called 'Dil bole Hadippa'? Convince me with your answer and I give you my left ear. Shouldn't titles have some context in the movie?
  2. Shahid Kapoor's initial scenes with the cricket team remind you of Shahrukh Khan in Chak de India. Just that Shahid is way too expressionless and dumb.
  3. Shahid conducts the team selection only because his father is the owner of the cricket team. (And Aaditya (Joshi, not Chopra, duh!) visualizes Uday Chopra conducting auditions for the film.)
  4. Rani dressing up as a man, Shahid recognizing her just before the climax - is all 'Rab ne bana di jodi' with gender reversed.
  5. The stressed relationship between Shahid Kapoor's parents reminds you of 'Hum Tum''s Rishi Kapoor and Rati Agnihotri.
  6. Shahid hams. He looks ugly in the romantic scenes with Rani and like a hungry goat in the funny scenes. Dahling, waxing karwane ke saath saath thode acting lessons bhi le lete...
  7. 'Aman cup'....!!! What next?? 'Varma Saucer'???
  8. Rani's Senti bhashan at the end is just not convincing! ( I am all for women empowerment ofcourse. But, the bhashan is ...boring!) It was highly predictable by the way - I was able to complete nearly all her sentences. Get real, get new, Chopra ji.
  9. I raise STRONG OBJECTION to the Punjabi used in the movie. How are people trying to watch a Hindi film expected to understand so much Punjabi?
There are two things and only two things that work for the film - Rani Mukherjee and the slickly canned song as the end credits roll. The song was widely used in the promotion of the film too and I am not surprised. Rani Mukherjee is very good, extremely entertaining. There is nothing specifically noticeable about the movie, otherwise.

Overall, not just thumbs, but all five fingers of my hand down... Buhoo!!


  1. 'Shahid looks ugly' LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Do us a favor and go buy some glasses.. and while you're at it, I suggest you also buy a brain.

  2. Clarification: I said 'Shahid looks ugly in the romantic scenes' and NOT 'Shahid looks ugly'. Let us read complete sentences before commenting. Btw, I stand by what I said in the review. The hardcore Shahid fans may have a look at Kaminey review - I have praised Shahid with all my might. But, if I don't like him somewhere, I have the open-mindedness to accept that I don't like him...

    Reply to 'Anonymous': Thanks. :-) I will buy some glasses, a brain and some balls too. The balls are a gift to you to be able to put 'non-anonymous' comments.

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  4. ok ...here i go again.I felt i had left out on some points on my earlier comment so i wanted to comment again ..

    First of all a dhaasu reply to the anonymous post..i have actually stopped watching yrf movies since a long time.But then watched this one bcos this was the only option to kill time on a lazy sunday afternoon and cos a friend insisted...
    Absolutely agree with you on the first point,yrf = movies where the names nowadays dont evn connect to the story...let me take it further so yrf = movies where the names nowadays dont evn connect to the story= movies where the actress would hit 6 sixes in a row and at once would break all international records just for the sake of pointing out what the movie is about = a supposedly heart touching , soul stirring speech at the end by the protagonist = 2-3 songs with the words ' balle balle , shava shava , soniya makhna' ... And thts all for a yrf movie recipe.And as if this wasnt enough to offer nowadays Mr.yash chopra gives a chance to everyone to feature in the movies...even the b-grade so called 'sirens' souldnt feel left out .Cmmon chopra lets get real and make some real ,better movies !!!

    Let me tell you aditya , i was the biggest fan of yrf movies till 90's..i used to wait for the yrf movies ..ddlj , dtph being my favs.
    And now i dont even care ..Anyways nice review ..