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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tears at the lakeside

Disclaimer: The imagery is imaginary, the situation is not. Quite vague

The stars are shining on the surface of the lake. I sit on the banks with my legs folded. My naked feet are on the moist ground - I know I am going to leave my footsteps behind when I get up. I look at the highway far away and the tiny specks of light that move as the cars do.

As I sit the lakeside, I hear silence in my eyes. I have a drop of sweat moving across my forehead. I am looking into the lake at the reflection of the brightest light on the highway. It is the brightest light perhaps that has lit up my eyes too.

I am smiling. There are times when you think everything in the world is perfect. With my sweaty brow, muddy feet and hunched back, I think the world indeed is.

A dream that I have seen for so long forms its image, it comes to life like the specks of car headlights reflecting in the lake. The dream becomes the brightest speck in the lake.

The dream now shines in my eye as a large drop of tear. Why am I crying when I see a dream realized? I close my eyes and the tear rolls down. The drop continues to shine on its way down.

I smile at the lake.

The stars shine in the sky. The reflection of the headlights shine on the lake. My tear shines too...


  1. This is the best of it.. Its wonderful... it is fantastic.. sorry buddy I have a very limited vocabulary and so cannot give justice my complementing with small stupid words which would probably cause redundancy...

    But this is really very well written. Creates a perfect picture... but keeps some questions unanswered... what is the dream?? Why do we dream?? and many more...

  2. i completely agree with sriharsha....including the limited vocabulary thing which is equally applicable to me.

    its awesome.....i like the open ended stories like these that dont have an end per say....but it makes ur mind work in different way every time to read it.......

    I just love such posts by u.....

  3. Precious.... Just wondering how many such tear drops would be there in the very lake...... Nice