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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dogs and cats: The farewell dilemma

Tomorrow I leave the city I grew up in. There's this question which repeatedly keeps coming to me. Am I a cat or a dog?

Attachments and loyalty are said to be different in a cat and a dog. A dog loves the people of the house - the way they pet him, the way they play with him. A cat loves the house, the place - her favourite corner, her food bowl.

In these weeks of farewell, I have often wondered if I am a cat or a dog... if I love the places more or if it is just the people that makes the place so close to me.

Will I miss IIT, the place or will it be the people at IIT who made it so awesome?

When I realize that almost all my friends have now left IIT Bombay, the places that
I think, for me, it's the latter. I am a 'dog' among the 'dog-cat' options. And I won't miss Mumbai as much as I would miss the people that made me what it is to me.

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