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Friday, March 05, 2010

The Winner

Note: Vague but I am trying to convey a strong emotion. Hope it reaches.

His chest was squarish and led to the flat torso chiselled like an ancient Greek sculpture. When he ran, the Adam's apple moved up and down in rhythm with his lungs. His hands had veins which became more prominent when he clenched his fist. The hair flew in the air like a lion's mane. When he crossed the ending line, he looked up at the sky. It seemed so far. He stretched his hands up high. He could feel his hands touching the fluffy surface of the sky.

The crowd at the stadium went into an uproar.

They were overwhelmed to see a man touch the sky, he thought.


  1. Crisp :)

    this was like watching the last second of a race in slow motion.

  2. hmmm ... Usain Bolt must've thought the same for the first time .... Well this was the very feeling when I ran for my class n thn for the school.... :-)

  3. Are you talking about the attributes of a Winner?
    Hope your Protagonist doesnot stop his victory game here.
    Which meant you have to post some more victory stories about this guy.
    Seems like he is trained by Clint Eastwood.

  4. This image is clear to imagine!!!

    Liked the last line :)