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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dreams and secrets: Audio blog

Note: The 'I' of the post is not necessarily me alone. Is it you too?
Note(2): Audio blog

I have had dreams on certain nights when I am trying to speak. I can feel my lips moving and driving as much air out of my throat as they can. But I fail to produce a word - despite desperately trying to do so. The words simply don't come. The lips, the throat - they are all doing what they do when I speak. The difference between 'they' and 'I' is scary. It is a realization that the They that my body is, is different from the me that I am.

I have had dreams on certain nights when I go to college and people are staring at me and laughing. I am without clothes. I run to a place to hide but someone seems to be present everywhere. I wrap a towel around my waist and all of a sudden everything becomes ok. They don't mind a man in a towel.

I have had dreams on certain nights when someone knocks at my door. I open the door and go inside. I come out to see the person gone - and my door too. I see my house without my door; the furniture and the gadgets are untouched. I still feel scared. The door is gone. It hits me like a ton bricks that it was the door that was the most important part of my house.

These dreams that I see are insensible and meaningless. Or are they?

Maybe my dreams know how much I need the door to safeguard my house. Maybe my dreams know that my words are required often to hide my thoughts. Maybe my dreams know why you would laugh at me if you saw me without the veil of my towel.

Maybe my dreams know the secret that I have hidden from you.


  1. Amazing AJ!! But don't know to which state of mind I'll be in dreams from now onwards, maybe sub-consciously conscious... :D .. Now everything seems "meaningful"

  2. Are you Hiding something, from your Loved ones? Are you afraid to face something? Do you have some irrational Fears of losing something you love?
    All your Dreams are the subconcious conditioning of your mind.
    Talk to your Parents or close friends about what you expect from them.
    It is your time to get some assurance and support and let your heart Know "Aal Izz Well"

  3. Everything told earlier is alright. But u need counselling where they interprete dreams. By "u" i do not mean you alone, i mean "all".

    I came across this interesting explaination: When in dreams u are without clothes, it means that u are sub-consciously wanting to get noticed and be center of attraction.

    Nice tht u brought this topic

  4. well m no dream analyzer ...... but i think tht not all dreams are "insensible and meaningless".....also dreams of oneself being naked are one of the most common ones (as per various web articles).
    The one i found closest to my dreams is the very first one.
    i agree with the statement of ur "Maybe my dreams know the secret"....rather sometimes i feel that dreams reveal things abt oneself tht even we dont know....while at other times they simply try to confuse us abt wot we are and wot we dont want to be ;).....vicious game :P