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Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Tere bin Laden' - Review

Stop reading my review and book your tickets to the movie. If you have some time left till the next show, read on.

The concept of this 2 hour-long (or do I say, two hour short?) movie is so unique that the movie wins half the battle for me. Add to it the surprisingly original situations and jokes, and the movie is a fresh product of art.

Ali Zafar is not an exceptional actor, in fact below average - he looked like the male version of Katrina Kaif to me. :-p. He does a decent job however. The other characters are so well-written and interesting and so like a Chetan Bhagat book that like many CB book characters, you end up liking each one of them. The characters Gul, Noora, the RJ and the channel editor are unforgettable! The makeup lady, the American officer and the Pakistani officer are just ok. They do not impress as such.

The HERO of the movie is the story and the dialogues. The movie has some hilarious moments like a murga-baang (cock-crowing) competition, a donkey with the American army and a man being pulled down into a manhole to have the American cops waiting for him inside the sewer. The movie uses far-fetched imagination at times but right till the end, the movie continues to take control of the audience's attention. It is only the climax that looks unconvincing but by the time it happens, the movie is over and you have had a great time.

The movie proved to me that glamorous actors are just not required for a movie to be good/entertaining.

The songs are not typical S-E-L songs - nevertheless, like many of their songs, excellent. The actor playing Osama looks very Osama. The other actors are styled well too.

Overall, the movie is a riot - an absolute riot. (Ignore the climax.) I am buying a dvd when it releases!! Go ahead n watch it guys!

P.S.: I have never laughed harder in a theatre.


  1. Interesting writeup. Hadn't heard about the movie. Will probably watch it. Like any movie review it might be a good idea to give a rating like 3/5 in summary.

  2. ohhhhhhhhh... I so want to watch this movie...
    wow my intuition works...
    this week is too good for movies...
    many good releases...

  3. Such a crap movie...It's not even close to you description...the plot is unconvincing and the jokes are low-IQ types. You should...infact must go and watch "Inception" and then write a review about that movie. It's extremely original and guaranteed to be awesome !!!

  4. who is this anony-mouse?? and what's with being anonymous on blog comments??? like he/she is going to be sued to what is being said ..

  5. BTW, i LOVED the movie!!! was insane, incredulous and yet so funny!