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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three children

To Nishant Kachawa for the basic idea. The story is, in my small way, a look at child psychology, inverted.

Note: "Purely imaginary". May appear superficial, stupid and funny.

Piramal Indranath Chandok had three children - Pyaare Mohan, Chandra Chur and Devi Prakash Chandok. Pyaare Mohan was an intelligent child - hardworking and serious about his studies. He never missed a test or skipped doing his homework. Chandra Chur was hard-working too but often did not work smartly. He often got into fights with his peers over petty issues. Piramal had to go to the Principal's office twice owing to complaints about Chandra Chur.

Devi Prakash Chandok was lethargic and disinterested in every sense. It was only because of the rule of not failing children in their examinations that Devi Prakash Chandok had made it to the fifth standard.

Piramal Indranath Chandok once went to a student counsellor and was told that the youngest two of his children were highly demotivated and needed encouragement.

So it started. Each time a guest came in, Devi Prakash Chandok was praised for the way he digs his nose. Each time they went out to the mela, Chandra Chur was given a balloon and told what a talented child he is.

Pyaare Mohan would sit in a corner doing his homework staring at his parents buying new shirts for Devi Prakash Chandok and Chandra Chur.

The parents were only trying to encourage 'the ones who needed encouragement'. Devi Prakash Chandok was happier and 'roly-poly'er than ever. Chandra Chur was playing with the awesome toy that he had got - one of the world's best toys.

Pyaare Mohan stared at the ceiling and got back to his homework. He loved his brothers and was very happy about the fact that they were motivated and happy. However, he pitied his own plight. He was perhaps paying the price for studying on time.

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  1. pyaare mohan stood out in just six lines....for a change this was a flip side of the coin which is usually not much talked abt.