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Saturday, September 11, 2010

'We are Family' - Review

Why did I watch the movie? Because I like Kajol. With all her screeching and screaming, she's quite adorable.

Why shouldn't have I watched the movie? Kajol and Arjun Rampal play a divorced couple. I somehow cannot digest Kajol being ok marrying Arjun in the first place. :-p

So... The movie 'looks' good - like all Karan Johar movies. (This one's not his directorial film) Some of the songs are good - especially the 'Let's rock' number.

Performance-wise, Kajol ROCKS. She is effortlessly natural in most of the scenes. The movie is tolerable ONLY because of Kajol's presence in the movie. She is closely followed by the three kids who are cute and do a good job. Kareena Kapoor is a confused chick here in the film - she's 'K3G ki Poo' mixed up with 'Kal ho na ho ki Preity Zinta'. (Ironically, Kareena Kapoor was apparently the first choice for the Kal ho na ho role.) She's decent in parts. By the way, Arjun Rampal is also in front of the camera in the movie. ( *wink* )

By the way, the climax is touching and Kareena Kapoor does a marvellous job there.

Anyway, so if you are a KJo-YashChopra movie lover, you will like this one. Overall, 'We are Family' is an okayish movie. You may want to see the movie if you don't get the tickets to 'Dabangg' (Which is one movie I have not seen yet)

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  1. when is ur Dabhang review coming up? I am tempted to see this fmaily movie. Just wasted yesterday wandering abt in the heat