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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cinediner with Dabangg

Writing after a long time.. feels like I am new to this world again. I cannot forget that the blog changed my life, made me happier and more confident. I cannot stop writing..


Cinediner (a movie theatre) at R City mall, Ghatkopar is unique. It is unique because you can eat while you watch a movie. It is a restaurant inside a theatre. The 'eating' is similar to any fine-dine place.

You buy a ticket of Rs. 500 (as in Sept. 2010. :P Reliance hai bhai.. kab paisa badha de pata nahi..) and you get food coupons of Rs. 200 with it. You are escorted to a lounge - similar to a VIP lounge at an airport. The smartly dressed staff welcome you courteously. The ambience is golden, flashy and the sofas are velvetty soft.

A while later, you are escorted by one of the staff members to a hall reserved for 40 people - seven-eight tables only! The supercomfortable sofas are arranged in a manner that your table is YOUR private space and no one can interfere. Each table has a call bell in case you want to call the servers (a polished term for 'waiters'. I like the word 'servers', btw).

The movie begins and you definitely get a 'private screening' feel as the food you order begins to arrive. The servers often get reluctant when you press the call bell too many times. (I did that hastily and they stopped coming after a point.) The hall, the entrance, the loo are very 'Bollywood' premiere/red-carpetty in nature.

The menu is not elaborate - six to seven starters, coffees and three varieties of rice. There are a couple of desserts and sastaaa pizzas (a pizza at 170-190) too. They, ofcourse, serve desserts.

The entire movie-watching experience is enhanced when you know you are in a total private space - where you can scream and sing songs playing on the screen.

Overall, the service definitely needs to improve because the last pizza we ordered (in the interval) arrived only twenty minutes before the movie got over. The servers DEFINITELY need to watch the orders properly.

Apart from that, it definitely is a place to go for a date, a family/close friends get-together.

Cost for two people: 1000Rs. for tickets + Rs. 135 (the charges of the food we ordered over and above our food coupons.)


Dabangg was ok btw. I am not too much of a Salman Khan fan but the action is surely interesting in parts. The songs are fulltoo chhapri and enjoyable (maybe not in the ambience I was in. :P )

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