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Saturday, January 15, 2011

You and me

Disclaimer: Not a great post. But some posts have to be published

You sat on the couch leaning against the table. You looked like a hungry kitten. When the food arrived, you pulled out the fork and began eating. It was only after you had eaten a few morsels that you started talking.

You smiled and you talked. You laughed and you joked. You told me about the politics at work, about the plans that you had for the weekend. And for the years to come.

I kept staring at you. I did not touch my plate. Having seen you smile, I had had my dinner.


  1. OMG.. this feels like some one writing his diary and describing a beginning of a silent love story...
    dude.. this post is not bad. but not something which will expect from you.. dont know why.. but still I would prefer more thoughtful philosophical approaches... :)