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Monday, August 03, 2009

Love Aaj kal - Review

This movie review starts off with being presented in the form of 'you are watching a X's movie when...'.

You are watching an Imtiaz Ali movie when...
1) The name is a twisted mix of Hindi and English words. After 'Jab we met' and 'Love aaj kal'...

2) There is a song in the courtyard of a house where the old members sit and the jawaan generation dance.. naach basanti naach... (There is a similar song in this film too.)

3) The marriages that get fixed in the course of the movie are just for timepass - just to stretch the anxiety of the audience. This happened in IA's first film 'Aahista Aahista', in 'JWM' and now in 'LAK' also...

Now, specifics about Love Aaj kal..
1) Saif and Deepika have delivered good performances.

2) The dialogues and screenplay possess a very 'contemporary' and realistic feel to them. The characters react and speak dialogues that we expect 'real' people to do and say.

3) 'Aahun aahun' is picturized very nicely - like those typical 'end credits' songs.

4) The movie is like a breeze - pleasant, fun yet there's nothing you take back, no specific scene or trait that you remember.

5) Rahul Khanna gives the expression of a tree trunk. (Don't laugh! Aishwarya Rai had to marry a tree before Abhishek Bachhan to clear some astrological issues.... Was Rahul the tree trunk they were talking about? ) But you feel pity for this tree trunk when his newly-wed wife Deepika tells him that she loves someone else. Especially with the amazingly constipated expressions that Rahul Khanna gives in this particular scene...

6) The 'Twist' song is pressed into the film for NO REASON (completely adhering to Bollywood's principles of 'blending' masala songs into the film.)

7) Beyond a point, you KNOW that finally the hero and the heroine are going to reunite. So, the proceedings don't really surprise you. Especially when the hero goes to Vikram Joshi's house to meet his wife. This is the weakness of the screenplay.

Overall, the movie is a 'MAYBE watch' as opposed to a 'must-watch'...


  1. Dude completely agree with u on this... the movie was very pleasant to watch but that is all it was... had no point to prove or make, although its story was based on a "very young generation issue"
    But have to disagree with u on one point, the song Twist is so good to hear that its misplacement in the movie is not a bother at all... :)
    Cheers... btw Theatre madhe paahilas kaa? ;)

  2. ho.. :) ithe yeun hi movies theatre madhye pahaychi savay sutli nahiye maajhi...

  3. नाही आवडलं... परिक्षेत टीप लिहिली आहेस "लव्ह आज कल" वर असं वाटलं... थोडक्यात, लिहायचं आहे म्हणून लिहिलं आहेस असं वाटलं..

  4. How about a review on the Hangover???

  5. Nice review
    but Imtiaz's first movie as director wasn't Ahista Ahista (he was just story and screenplay writer)...it was 'Socha na tha' ;)