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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sci-fi : Senses & Emotions

What are senses? what are emotions? Are they the same? Is an emotion what I sense? Do senses lead to emotions? Does a sense always lead to the same emotion?


What is a picture? Captured visual senses. What is a song? Captured audio senses. What is a video? Captured audio-visual senses.

Now, let's give our sci-fi minds a tweak and imagine (After all, today's sci-fi is tomorrow's reality) a day where we can capture ALL senses in some way. So, the way a picture captured what you could 'see', you can now capture EVERYTHING you can see/feel/smell/hear. Let's call it a sense capsule. The way we see a picture, imagine that you can 'play' this sense capsule again - which means, you get 'immersed' in the same environment (where you hear/smell/feel/see the same thing that you did when the sense capsule was created) that the capsule was captured in.

A sense capsule of this form will give a truly complete conjunction of what I sense at that instant. Imagine capturing your best friend's wedding this way. Six months after the wedding, you can actually 'play it back' where all the senses are generated again. Imagine how amazing it would be to play the memorable moments of our lives again and again - to live them again.


This brings me to the line between senses and emotions. A picture of an estranged friend may not evoke the same emotions that it would have back then. A sense capsule will make you feel like you seeing the same event again - but there is no guarantee that you will feel the same way as you did when the event first happened.

Senses lead to emotions. Strangely, not the same one always.


  1. Liked the idea of sense module. But disagree on the last line - "senses lead to emotion" - Not all senses lead to emotions. There are more objective senses than subjective ones.

  2. Surprised by ur absence on the "blogosphere" for so long,
    I thought that post of "PM" looted your "creative song"!!

    But here I am unable to express my "emotions",
    By sensing this entry of your "expressions"!

    Can you quote the state of mind after you solve a complicated problem in Maths, all on your own?
    Or can you say how you feel when you really understand something which was not vividly shown?

    You are more that "content", coz you cannot say what you sense!
    So am I right now, after I could see the "fence"; dividing "emotions and sense"!

    Mast article! I remember a thing after reading this. They say it is only when you can only peacefully observe the senses and not respond to them by means of emotions, that you have a state of meditation or "dhyan"

  3. "Senses lead to emotions. Strangely, not the same one always"

    I think each sense has a value associated with it and that value changes with time. Therefore can we say
    senses+its value=emotion