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Monday, August 02, 2010

Octopus Paul & Baba Bengalis

Disclaimer: The term 'Baba Bengali' does not aim at any regional community. It is used for the people who practise black magic and other related 'arts'.

"This is how you cook a live octopus" said the voiceover in a video on youtube. People around the world were mad at Octopus Paul, an octopus who had predicted the loss of a country in the Football world cup.

They wanted to kill him, sell him, eat him, beat him.

I wanted to kill myself for the frenzy about a creature was maddening.

Did he even know what he was doing when he picked a flag?

We as a generation of young Indians laugh and mock the Baba Bengalis who seem to cure everything from 'vivah mein pareshaani' to 'vyavasaay mein ghaata'... and don't mind downing this story of a sea creature who is hailed as an oracle predictor.


  1. Hahahaha....more over there was a debate or rather a fight over Octopus Paul being a British or Italiano and headline of the article abt it in Hindustan Times read as "The shady past of Paul the psychic Octopus" :P
    please spare the poor creature and let it be just an octopus for God's sake!

    and abt the football fans, ppl were more interested in paul's prediction than the game.....i wonder if i should even call them fans anymore.... :P

  2. well.. i beg to differ.. Paul never promised to cure anything! all he did was to predict. Astrologers who predict the future for e.g. Bejan Daruwala are still revered thru the country.