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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interpretation of the story of Moses

Disclaimer: The post is completely original. It is my small way of interpreting a story. I do not intend to offend anyone.

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Moses was a religious leader who finds his mention in Christianity, Islam and several other lines of religious beliefs. 

As a child, I had heard about this incident in the life of Moses. One fine day, while I am on way back home with two heavy bags on me, I remember the incident out of the blue and in a flash I get a way to interpret the story too. Human mind IS certainly amazing.

The story in short goes as follows: "Moses and the Hebrew community were going to leave the city they had grown up in. They were trying to cross the Red Sea. Moses raised his staff and the water of the sea parted. The sea split into two halves as they walked and they crossed the sea easily."

My interpretation:

The Mind is like the sea - vast and deep. At the surface of the sea is water and the waves. At the surface of the mind are the superficial desires. The dissatisfaction from not being able to achieve these materialistic desires, causes ripples in the mind - they are very similar to the waves on the surface of the sea. 

The waves in the sea and the disturbing ripples in the mind are only at the surface. As we continue to explore our mind deeper, we realize that there is indeed a lot of calmness within.

Below the water of the sea lies a clear stable sea floor. Below the depths of desires, lies the pure mind - devoid of disturbance.

When the Hebrews had to leave their city, they must have been distressed. Moses calmed them down and helped them go deeper into their mind - to know, realize and accept what their minds wanted and needed.

When the desires and the waves moved past, Moses led his people through.

Only when we remove our desires and hang-ups are we able to see the clear floor of our minds and go through it.

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  1. I guess you should read the book called 'The Secret'. You will have everythin clear in your mind.