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Monday, January 11, 2010


To Harshu, a smiling angel of a friend.

We belong to the era of virtual social networks. I know of people who have got into a competition with one another to reach a mark of friends count on their facebook/orkut profiles.

You really want to count your friends? Go ahead. Count them correctly, however.

Your friends aren't the ones in your profile listing.

Your friends aren't the ones who are in your profile listing and say 'hi, how are you' to you...

Your friends are the ones who are in your profile listing, who say 'hi, how are you' and to whom you can dare say, 'not good dude'...

Your friends are the ones who you are ready to show yourself to - sans the mask that you would wear otherwise. Even if they are only two or three of them, it is these friends that make life worthwhile.


  1. Dude.. I am touched... you actually dedicated a blog post for me...

  2. completely agree with this one....chaan lihila ahes post

  3. well said .....btw i was thinking that i was your only good friend o_O.....you were never sans the mask that you would wear n all with me .You've hurt me dude...lol jus kidding ...nice post ;)

  4. hey AJ I was able to relate this to one of your blogs ... the recent ones "Faces and Masks"... You can surely turn it around by being sincere to your principles... God bless you AJ!