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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Incomplete sentences

On a piece of paper, "Dear Shashank, Please forgive me for whatever I ha". The sentence is not completed.

In an email window, "I want to talk to you mom.".. Backspace. The sentence is deleted completely.

"I want to take dad to Malaysia for a holiday. But I know he wouldn't come. He's too busy with work to spend time with me...", in someone's mind. The sentence is never expressed.

The world is complete with incompleteness - incomplete stories waiting for an apology, an initiative, an attempt to reconcile; incomplete relationships succumbing for want of expression of the depth that exists but remains unseen; incomplete journeys dying out because of tired companions..

And there are incomplete sentences like the ones above floating around too. One sentence out of these completed and the incomplete stories too will move towards completion....

You have many incomplete letters in your closet, incomplete SMS drafts in your cellphone, unspoken thoughts in your mind.

You have an apology in waiting, an initiative to develop a relationship, a compliment to show that you care. All this in the form of incomplete sentences in various forms.

Complete a relationship today. Complete a sentence today.


  1. how come this didnt strike me ever.... :)
    this post reminds me of many sentences tht i hav left incomplete.....mostly while waiting for the right time to come....

  2. sometimes some things are best left incomplete, aren't they? coz then there is HOPE.. and HOPE by itself is good enough for survival!

  3. wonderful post...keep writing

  4. this is really wonderful..aadi..
    i liked it...

  5. TM Aaditya :)
    Well Written Emotive thoughts

  6. I loved it.. I absolutely loved..
    Its so true.. I suddenly realized many things I had left incomplete...

    The idea itself is grt...

  7. adi...........it is too goood !!!!!!!!

  8. Very true...lovely post

  9. This is effective Aadi...you got hold of the most "incomplete" aspect of every individual's so thought "complete" life.. :)