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Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Window

Note: Returning to my favourite class of blogposts - the incomprehensible ones. :-p

A huge glass pane separated him from the running trees outside. He was looking at them with a thought on his mind. He wanted a mirror. He did not know why - but he wanted it badly.

The train came to a screeching halt at a station. He stuck his nose to the pane of the window and looked around on the platform. It was unlikely that he would find a person selling a mirror on a railway platform, he knew, but he could not stop himself from looking. The train slowly moved out of the station and before he realized it, picked up speed.

He continued to look out of the window - hoping to find what he was looking for. He soon got lost in his own thoughts. His eyes were open but he could not see.

When he got back to where he was, the day had dimmed - hence, the glass pane was dark on one side and reflected all the light on the other side. The other side was him. He was staring at his face. He had found his mirror.

It is indeed true that we get things we want when and where we are least expecting them.


  1. and most of the time they are right in front of us....its just tht we notice them only whn time is right....

    P.S.: Couldnt comprehend wot was incomprehensible......!!! :P

  2. It is soo true... But in my case.. I have experienced that .. I usually never get something which I look for.. But the moment it gets out of my mind probably due to frustration of not getting it.. it just arrives from somewhere..
    This is the way a complex system environment behaves...

  3. Nice Imagery...

    Honestly, you get what you want only when and where you least expect to get it....

    Sometimes, you need to wait for darkness to come behind that bright open window just to see and realise who you are....