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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love letter

Note: My entry for the 'love letter writing' competition here at IIT B.

Dear Prerna,

Don't ask me why I am writing all this. Promise me you won't cry when you read this - you are quite a weakling I know. These are just some things out of the whole world of them that I wanted to tell you. Marriage changes a relationship and in my case, the responsibilities that it brought deprived me of my ability to express a feeling - a feeling which was so close to me yet I never noticed. Let it flow today...

I clearly remember the day I first saw you at your dance performance in Mumbai. I saw the grace in your arms and my breath rhythmically swayed to each move of yours. Your face glowed like a princess with the blissful ecstasy of your dance that melted on it. You were burning down like a candle and spreading the glow all around you. I could clearly see that it was your soul guiding your body into the dance. I may have never admitted it but it was at that very moment that I fell in love with you.

On our trip to Delhi, as the cycle-rickshaw took us down the narrow lanes, I looked at you, huddled up to me. My hand moved to the other side of your shoulder. Our eyes met and I felt my breath against yours. I breathed out and without my knowledge, my breath took the form of the sound, "Marry me." A drop of tear shined on your cheek. You smiled only to push it down to your chin. The world had condensed in that one point for me - the tear where you, me and our love had converged.
On our honeymoon, I remember walking on the beach barefeet, your hand on mine. I held your thumb with my hand and slowly tickled your palm. You giggled as you ran further. I saw your feet leaving those footprints behind. Something was amiss. I turned back and saw OUR footprints on the sand. I froze as I saw the waves fading away the footprints, one lash at a time. I turned back again and saw you standing there, your hands folded and a question mark on your face. I ran to you like a pilgrim craving for his God and hugged you. You rested your head on my chest and my heart felt the touch of the very person it was beating for.

Prerna, for the last one year of our marriage, I have religiously bid you goodbye with a 'love you'. Trust me, I have never felt it so strongly as I do at this moment. You are the woman who stood by me during my times good and bad. You are the woman who looks into my eyes and my lows convulge into positivity and strength. I never noticed it until now - but each time I am low, I do remember your eyes and the love in them that is my biggest strength. Today I know why a wife is a husband's better half and that is because she is that half of the man that lies under the layer of his mere body. She is closely connected to his soul.

When my body sees danger at this moment, it calls out to my soul - it calls out to you. Prerna, I am trapped here. I am trapped at the Taj. Only some time ago, I saw fire leaping out of the window of some other room here. That very moment, I saw your eyes smiling at me.

What life could not make realize, the thought of death did. The love that stayed dormant gushed out like the wave that wiped our footprints at the beach. The love that expressed itself through a tear in your eye in Delhi expressed itself through another in mine.

I don't know what's happening here. I don't care. I want to see your eyes again. I want to go back to you and tell you .. that I love you...


  1. Brilliant ! Dude, if you don't win ... I'll lose all hopes of writing one next year. All the Best !

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Iman & Sue. :-)

  3. this is one of the wonderful stuff i have eve read on ur blog...
    cool stuff
    all d best...

  4. all the best adjectives hav been already used so i wont repeat them.....ek dum zakaaas!

  5. brilliant...
    this is wonderful dude...
    much better than I could ever imagine...

  6. gr88888 adii!!!!!!!
    i really like the new look of blog and ofcourse love your "love letter"....

  7. Suhas Vijay Kajbaje17 February 2010 at 11:13 AM

    Too good!!!

  8. omg...thts aaditya's 'romanticest' best ..isnt it ???? i could actually imagine aaditya falling for a lovely girl as described here :)

  9. made the hair stand on end at the last ... just simple aadi :-)

  10. There you go Aadi...!!!

    Loved the way you built it up and as i had expected.....a much awaited "awakening" climax.....

    Keep it up...!! :) :)

  11. Hi Adi,

    A brilliant work by u.

    I cn feel the thoughts tht mst hav gone at tht point of time. I cud visualise all the events.

    Every couple has a "moment of truth". u brought it out in a very different manner. Not to forget "brilliantly".

    I pray to god tht u win this competition

    Warm regards,
    Akshay R. Prabhu

  12. Was really very great one.........too good...........

  13. I was able to see a glimpse of emotions that went through this writing from some of the blogs before.... This really suggests that some genuinely generous at heart can do it.... Well one more thing somehow I feel "Prerna" is what I get from you as always :-) ... But on serious note " Death is the only known Truth and the ultimate Destiny " ... God bless you AJ!

  14. hey this was a very good piece of wrk adi! i luvd it! sure ur prerna is one lucky dame to get somethin like this in writin! hehe..also ur blog luks good now!

  15. Thanks all!

    @BK: :-)

    @Akshay: "Moment of truth" : Very correctly put.

    @Ishwari: Thanks for liking the new look of my blog. Prerna is imaginary, btw!

  16. hmmmm!!!
    एकतर बऱ्याच दिवसांनी तुझ्या blog वर आलो. आणि तुझा भला मोठा फोटो ..... हाहाहः खरं सांगतो पण हा इतका मोठा फोटो बघून नेत्यांची posters असतात त्याची आठवण झाली!!!

    हं तर आता या प्रेमपत्राविषयी!
    जर तुला बक्षीस मिळालं नाही तर परीक्षकाना अक्कल नाही हेच खरं !!!
    मला पहिल्यापासूनच वाटत होतं की आदित्यचं पत्र म्हणजे शेवटी काहीतरी विशेष असणार !!
    आणि तसंच झालं !!!

    I don't know what's happening here. I don't care. I want to see your eyes again.
    हा भाग तर कळस आहे !! झकास !

    अरे पण तो तिला हे पत्र मिळणार कस??? आणि मिळणार नसेल तर काय ?? (पुण्यात राहिलेला आहे ना! म्हणून असले प्रश्न !! don't mind!! :P :D )

  17. For the record, I did not receive the first three prizes. I was, however, given a special mention..

  18. gr8 work dude.. The end is the best!!!

  19. Too good Aaditya !!! brilliant !!!

  20. Just superb. .Keep going. . !!!