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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name is Khan : Movie Review

I have been an ardent fan of Shahrukh and Kajol because they were THE onscreen couple in my growing-up days. I saw them jumping together over benches and steps of a filmy college in 'Kuch kuch hota hai', I saw Kajol running towards Shahrukh in a mustard field in 'DDLJ'. I have seen them doing similar cheesy things which have been memorable scenes for me as an admirer of theirs.

'My Name is Khan' is a feast for a person like me. SRK and Kajol are doing 'mature' things together this time (getting married very early in the film. Fighting. Sulking, etc.) - and Karan has not made them do the 'mature' things we have seen in KANK. (Whatever K Jo sold as 'mature' in KANK made me want to strangulate myself.) After 'My name is Khan', Shahrukh and Kajol are and will be my favourite on-screen couple! :-) Shahrukh's performance is THE highlight of the film. (Considering the fact that SRK has been the rona-dhona boy for a major portion of his career, this role is like getting a fish out of water where SRK cannot emote! :-p) Sonia Jehan and Jimmy Shergill are excellent too - Jimmy Shergill is one of the actors who have not got their due yet, in my opinion.

The music is ordinary (and had put this up on my facebook too - when two of my friends thought I was only doing 'K Jo bashing'. :P ) considering that S-E-L have come up with some remarkable numbers in the past.

The message of combating racism is only the background of the film. K Jo sticks to what he does best - a love story. The dialogues are typical K Jo style. The visuals are excellent of course. Kajol's styling is chic. SRK looks good too.

The first half keeps you glued to your seat, the second half drags in parts - especially the hurricane bit. The scene where Kajol cries in the mortuary is a typical Kajol screeching scene.. which, despite the overacting, I loved.

The movie is certainly very good and I must admit that K Jo has certainly made his most mature film to date.


  1. Craze of movies and cricket in India (it's not much different in other countries, though) is at such a level that we idolize a good performer, and forget to keep his personal life and screen-/field-life separate. Both the fans and bashers end up loving/attacking their movie/game based on their opinion of the person.

    The reason I am writing all this is, currently SRK is under criticism for his comments about Pakistan and a political party has decided to take out their anger on his movie. As much as I disagree with this, I am equally apprehensive of his fans blindly ignoring the actual issue: "Yeh shivsena waalo ko to bahaana chahiye rada karne ko.." Although their way may be wrong, the issue can't be just ignored.

    Various questions are raised about SRK's comments on Pakistan and related issues in recent times. Most of them are summarized in a long-but-a-well-written open-letter at http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/Open-letter-Mr-Shahrukh-Khan-SRK/blog-348.htm

    I think all of us should go through it, and make our own opinion about the great actor, but probably an irresponsible 'idol'.

  2. By far one of the worst film of the year.

  3. Hey Aditya, I read your posts regularly and probably this is my first comment on your lovely posts.

    I think, the movie is typical Karan Johar movie which has never kept in touch with the ground-truth and has always endorsed the mantra of "My Name is Super-man" who can do anything. I liked Shahrukh in "Chak De" and "Swades" because here he was just another ordinary man who did extra-ordinary things despite real-life hurdles (and not "extra-ordinary" man who did "super-man" acts).

    Anyways, the film is made for so called country's upper-middle class, upper class and NRIs and is a watch only if you are ardent SRK or Kajol fan.

  4. dude accept it... lol.. this is one of the worst movies by which we were 'hit' in past decade...

  5. The problem with the message of the film is that the message is at best incomplete ; Now since we know that currently Muslims are the "cheerleading victims" of profiling & dicrimination worldwide and scores and scores of movies (a fine example is Khuda kay liye) has been churned out of the bigotry and hatred for muslims, a very relevant question to the current affairs for India is, What is the real story of Kashmir then ? Are there certain sections of people who are facing discrimination from the majority and apathy from the fence-sitters ? Do go through this post for its worth my-name-is-not-khan.

    The intention is to give you an idea of the grass on the other side of the fence, and it DEFINITELY IS NOT GREEN.