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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Photo blog 3 : From Chowmahala Palace

Photo blogs are photographs accompanied with a piece of text and when I can't think of getting rid of either.

The Chowmahala palace in Hyderabad is a must-visit for a tourist. It is a palace of the Nizams which has been maintained very well by their descendents. The palace is a beautiful white that fills everything you can see when you are walking through it. 'Chowmahala', as the name suggests, has four palaces in a complex.

One is in the awe of the grandeur and beauty of the palace as one walks through its grand hallways and the royal rooms. Finally, one turns back and begins to walk towards the exit, still awe-struck.

Then one sees what this photograph of mine captures. The white palace of the rich Nizam stands before your eyes and in the background, you see the grey and earthy Mecca Masjid - looking down on the palace. [Correction from 'Jama masjid' to 'Mecca masjid' according to a comment by a reader. I was, however, told by my tourist guide that it was the Jama masjid]

One moment, you are savouring the beauty of worldly riches that you think touches the sky. The next moment, God tells you he's taller.


  1. awesome.
    (try increasing the brightness of the pic. It was looking much more brilliant on your comp)
    a nice thought, ofcourse!

  2. its mecca masjid in the background