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Saturday, May 08, 2010

'Anandi anand' - Review

This post reviews 'Anandi Anand' a Marathi movie that released Friday. Even if you don't understand Marathi and/or your chances of watching the movie are dim, trust me, you should read this review to understand what impact a movie can have on a member of the audience.

The movie is written/directed by a director who came up with some unique and interesting experiments especially in Marathi theater. The movie has some very big names in Marathi filmdom (Suhas Joshi, Vikram Gokhale, Mohan Joshi, Vandana Gupte, to name a few.) The music director of the movie is one of the most celebrated Marathi music directors of today's times.

Having said all this, let me add that this is the FIRST movie that I just COULD NOT watch beyond the interval. The movie is not gripping for even a moment. I yawned, I giggled - it didn't affect how much I was bored.

I saw the movie half-way only - in other words, instead of 'Anandi Anand', I saw only 'Anandi'. That is, btw, the name of the heroine of the film. The latter is the hero.

And trust me, I seriously wish I had never seen 'Anand' - I mean the hero of the movie. Ya ya, Marathi films typically never had good-looking male leads except a very few. But the male lead actors are generally VERY good actors. The 'Anand' in the movie was neither. Highly ungroomed, highly plastic and completely dubbed. The actor was a disaster - especially with a beautiful Priya Bapat opposite him. ("Trust me, if my sister is proposed by a guy who's as dumb as the hero, I would do anything to drive him away!", I said. )

Beyond a point, I was literally looking at people in the theatre instead of the screen. Two of them looked back at me. One uncle even smiled - I am sure he shared my emotions of disinterest in the movie.

Except the 'Dete kon' song, no other song was something I would want to listen to a second a time. Songs popped in for no reason. The 'Bhoot' song was just not required.

I am someone who seldom wastes money. But here, the first half of the movie was such a disaster that I didn't want to stay back. The movie may be called 'run-of-the-mill' by some, I call it 'run-of-the-shutdown-mill'. Yawn!!!


  1. "I am someone who seldom wastes money."

    lol :p

  2. marathi madhe 1 "mhan" ahe..."gadhvala gulachi chav kay".........!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i really feel shame 4 such reviewers who criticizes Marathi movie in such a bad way...already Marathi movie is struggling 4 its existence...we people need to boost it up not to pool down...

  4. I respect your opinion, Anonymous.

    You may surely think that I am unfit to judge the movie (with reference to your 'gaadhavala gulaachi' comment.) However, the blogosphere gives me freedom to express my opinion - which may or may not be true/valid/correct. A review is about opinion and everyone is entitled to have one.

    My review reflect how much I have 'liked the movie' and not necessary how good the movie is.

    @Anonymous2: I either like a movie or I do not. I do not and cannot like a movie just because it is in Marathi. You may go through earlier posts on my blog on 'Uttarayan', 'Natarang', 'Zenda' and other movies. These are the movies I have loved. Coincidentally, they are Marathi movies.

  5. hehe! ikde hi marathi-amarathi! aawara!
    mala ma.ta. madhye wachun watalech hote ki kahitari bhayanak bore prakaran asel.. bare zale tu hi sangitles.. mhanje ghari gele ki baghnar nahi.. theater la vagaire.. chukun suddha :D
    "dete kon" is cute but.. mala lai ch awadlele te eikale tevhach

  6. "Dete kon" is very cute! The song has been shot nicely too..

  7. mr.aditya i respect ur opinion..plz dont mind...it was my "utsfurth pratikiya" in earlier posts...

  8. Wheather that dumb Anand is Producer's Son ? Actually , Puru Berde could hv put more colors in movie , But just wasted.
    Nice attempt by Priya Bapat.
    Gupte Mdm just wasted.

  9. i watched the same movie 3 times for all the songs, scenery and to see all the good actors like vikram gokhale, priya bapat, suhas joshi, mohan joshi acting together. Priya bapat & Konkan were really excellent. I really think u'd have changed your opinion after watching the later part of the movie. The movie really made me think about how we live our life in these cities. That was the crux of the whole story.