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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kites: Movie review

'Kites' is Hrithik Roshan all the way. He looks amazing and does an excellent work. He gets the body language right - the way he did with Akbar in 'Jodha Akbar'. Barbara and Kangana are just there - running around with Hrithik wherever he goes.

The first half is very captivating. Many twists in the tale manage to hold a grip on the attention of the viewer. These twists are quite unheard of in a typical Hindi movie - a sister's boyfriend taapoing (a.k.a. line-maaroing/hitting on) the brother's girlfriend is new! :-p

The second half is about chase sequences and the story unfolding. I did yawn at times. Caught a nap or two too. The climax is nice.. somewhat predictable.

'Zindagi do pal ki' is good. 'Kyun yeh dil mera' looks beautiful on the screen. The movie, like many other movies of today's times, 'looks' very good.

I particularly would like to mention the subtitles during the English dialogues. It shows that Rakesh Roshan remembers the fact that he is making a Hindi movie. And I think it is a good thing to do.

Overall, the movie is surely an interesting watch. Rakesh Roshan does magic with Hrithik again. (Btw, I loved Kaho na Pyar hai and thought that Koi mil gaya was ok. Krish sucked.)


  1. yeah d movie was damn good...i just loved it...
    the background score was simply mind-blowing...

    the story is very much predictable-types but Anurag Basu has presented it very well...

    and the best thing abt the movie was Hrithik Roshan....

  2. You got it wrong mate...the subtitles are present for the spanish dialogues and not the english ones.

    A very classy and well made film indeed. But I doubt if it is for the Indian audience.

  3. I didn't like it... kuchh bhi action hai movie mein.