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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Unspoken

Note: Not a poem. Lyrical, perhaps.

If the sky could speak, it would describe how the dry earth looks as it gets drenched in the rain... and how the rains look just like the rays of the sun. One dries up the earth, the other brings it to life.
If the sky could speak, we would know how the rains look from thousands of miles above the surface of the earth..

If the shower in your bathroom could speak, it would narrate stories.. of the funny faces, the songs and the dance that accompanies. Of the occasional tears that you wash off with the water.
If the shower could speak, I would expect it to speak the God's words. Who else are we so ourselves in front of?

If the trash that you throw every day could speak, it would describe you completely.. the falling hair, the crumbled pieces of incomplete letters, wrappers of chocolates, old bills, old papers.
If the trash could speak, your life would be left open in front of the world.

And if the unspoken words under the spoken ones could speak...

... thank God all these don't speak.


  1. Don't mind if they do but only in front of me..... :D ... but nice one AJ

  2. cool....each stanza has a different shade and together they made a nice picture...loved it :)

  3. good 1 .....
    and actually ur blog too speaks...:)

  4. Hey........thats really v different and good...........nice as your other blogs.........

  5. Good one Aadi...!! :)