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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Parting

Note: Loosely based on a scene in a Hindi film. An original imaginary expression of thoughts.

The horn blew and I heard the train move. I did not blink. I did not move from the entrance of the train.

I stood still. Still looking at you. Dressed in blue, you looked as beautiful as ever.

I did not want to miss even one glance from you that would suggest that you wanted me to get off the train. You took only one step towards the train but it was enough to make me believe that you wanted to stop me. I seriously thought for a moment that you wanted me to stay... For a moment, I thought you had felt what I had felt for you too. For a moment, I thought the dreams that I was running away from, were coming true....

And in a moment, you were a blue speck on the platform. The train had picked up speed.

I tried hard to haze my vision with a drop of water in my eyes.

The tear did not help.

I had to face it.

I had to see you turning your back to the train, to me and walking out of the station..

(Image: 'Claire Walking away')


  1. superb....
    it can make any1 lost in it....

  2. very nicely written....words are so well roped in