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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rainforest - Review

R City mall

Average meal for two: Rs. 700

You enter a dark place with the sound of the rain and you know that this is a place with a difference. There are trees and tigers in here. The place gets full points for the unique ambience. The call button at the tables are something unique for the places in the mall.

The loud commentary from a match certainly spoiled the 'foresty' feel of the place.

The menu is typical and offers Punjabi, Chinese and Italian cuisine. The Bruschettes were quite good. The Chinese soups are quite ordinary. The Indian cuisine on offer is decently good. The place had the worst Masala Papad I have had ever.

The waiters come only when the calling button is pressed. This did not quite fit into my definition of hospitality but may appeal to some of their guests.

It is surprising that this place does not have a washroom of its own.

Overall, the ambience rocks. The food is ordinary, not worth the price and the service needs to improve a lot.


  1. with the kind of climate outside and the post title, i came looking for something completely different; ani majha pachka zala :P

  2. Aditya,
    good review of the restuarant. Actually the F1 race telecast's volume was so high that after reading your post I came to knw about the rainy sound that welcomed you.
    Food is not worth cost really. We had ordered some paneer dish which looked awfully fluorescent green. obviously nobody felt like eating it.