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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ownership of thoughts

How often do you start your sentence with "But I've heard that...", "People generally believe..." or "My mom/wife says so."?

It is surprising that we always have to quote someone else for our own beliefs. If your parent asked you not to do something and if you are convinced that you shouldn't, why can't you simply say, "I feel I don't want to do it", or even better, "I don't want to do it."

Why can't we own our thoughts? Why do they need to be referenced to someone else? Why is it that 'What's in a name' wouldn't have been popular if the name 'Shakespeare' wouldn't be associated with it? When I say "people say that...", am I not trying to convince myself that what I am believing in is correct?

Let's own our thoughts and let's assert them.

Once we accept our thoughts, we'll accept our deeds and their outcome - all of which primarily emerge from our thoughts and our beliefs.

It is acceptance that makes way for peace and harmony.


  1. Wow! Communication Skills lecture revisited!!

    Keep it up man! This would help us all...(you know) ;-)