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Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Spell on Me

Note: Utterly VAGUE

I looked at the symbol on the wall. My eyes followed the curved lines that formed the symbol. They were done up in bright red. I was concentrating on them.

I kept looking at the symbol. It seemed to have been fixed to the wall - and my eyes were fixed to the symbol. The eyelashes only shook slightly due to the ceiling fan above me. Nothing else moved.

The eyes seemed to have become lifeless. Or perhaps sprung to life like never before.

A line of energy connected me to the symbol now like a ray of light that originated from the symbol upto the tiny hole on the surface of my eye. The line of energy is pulling me out of myself. I am being pushed out. 

It is casting its spell on me. My devotion to this symbol in the fullest way will only help me. But something seems to make me want to stop.

It is casting its spell on me... I think I don't mind letting it do that. Perhaps, I don't want to... Please stop it... 

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