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Friday, February 13, 2009

They're getting married!

Note: Partially imaginary. Original work of expression, like all my blogposts.

She is a painter. Whose emotions flow from her brush on the paper. She is painting today. Her strokes on the canvas are firm and the colours bright.

She looks at the painting she has drawn. The lower half of the canvas is white. The upper half is in red and orange, there is a hand and a brush in the hand on the canvas.

The hand is completing the picture.

She was married briefly. After the divorce, she thought she would never be happy. She thought she would never be in love again.

And then they met. He is a TV actor. They met in person and Cupid cast its magic. They met again and again and again.

One evening, he looked into her eyes. She felt restless, her eyes seemed to be locked with his. She was scared, she tried to move her eyes but they wouldn't. Her palms became wet. He held her wet hand in his and asked her, "Will you be mine forever?"

The words echoed through her ears like a thousand-piece orchestra playing in full glory. She did not realize that she was smiling and she had a tear in her eye. She had frozen in time. He had got his reply in the affirmative. They hugged.

Next week, they are getting married. Her life is complete again.

The hand she has drawn is hers. She is completing the painting of her life now...

Happy Valentine's day!