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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eerie #1

Note: My first attempt at writing an eerie post! Plan to write a Part 2 and 3.

"This locality is amazing!", Shrikant said as he walked down the stairs of the building where he was purchasing his flat. He shook hands with the estate agent and continued on his way out of the compound.

Bang opposite the compound, he saw a bungalow - a very Portugese construction. It was a singlex bungalow, not too big. He imagined that there would hardly be three to four rooms inside. There was a small wooden gate with the words 'Merriam Villa'. He noticed something very strange with the first R in the name. It was shaped like the Cross.

The gate creaked as he pushed it with his hand. The region inside the compound was darker for it was covered with a single oak tree - a tree that seemed to cover the complete area of the porch. The leaves of the tree were all dry, the tree looked like an old woman who had wrinkles on her skin and grey falling hair.

His jaws opened wider as he saw the house. The white walls were now stained with mud and dust. The graffiti on the wall near the main door was huge and clear. It read 'Witch!' He kept staring at the letters.

The house had tall windows with wooden shutters. The glass panes to these shutters used to be beautifully painted - now they were only cracked and broken. The door was exactly opposite the gate where he was standing right now - the door was nearly ten meters away.

As he stepped inside, he noticed a weird thing. There was a small footpath from the gate to the entrance of the house. It could have been a straight path -but this path was weird. You had to go left first which was totally away from the direction of the house and then take a right and go straight. He wondered why the footpath was made that way.

He walked slowly towards the house following the path that was laid. He first went straight and then took a right. He was now on the path that led directly to the house.

He took steady footsteps towards the house. He could hear a crackling sound. He stopped. The crackling sound seemed to be only amplified. The sound was if someone was tearing something open. He stood still.He thought he was sinking deeper into the road he was walking on. He looked around.

In a fraction of a second, the courtyard had sunked deeper. He looked at the gate, the road to the gate and the entire area of the courtyard from the gate had cracks on the land.

From one of the cracks, jetted out a long branch of the roots of the oak tree. Through the cracks of the land, he thought it only looked like the Devil's tongue coming towards him...

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