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Monday, November 24, 2008


Disclaimer: Like all the posts in this blog, this one is original.

When the hair go haywire, a comb moves through them. The knots and the complicated intertwined strands are set straight. The combs come in different shapes and sizes. Some style your hair, some only curl them while some, though many of us would not want to disclose having used them for this, can be used to drive away embarassing crawlies in your hair.

Things in life are like the hair - separate, discrete and very sorted-out - yet most of the times, they end up getting garbled. A comb sweeps through them and makes life easier and more tolerable.

Hobbies and free-time indulgences are these combs. They ease out the complications. They relax you. An hour of doing what you like to do makes you forget the bad day and encourages you to begin afresh. Like the hair that flow freely after being combed, life becomes happier.

Comb your hair regularly. And your lives too.


  1. nice one aadi... gud analogy..
    but do you ever experience the knots and strands.. :P

  2. I think comb is for only person with hairs.... Taklu laknsathi comb nasti na???? :P

  3. interesting.. but i differ with this idea a little... i think life is a web and the comb you are talking about styles the chaos to make the life desirable!
    Your blog/comb has become quite the desirable digest lately and i am still not a parasite lice!!