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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dostana - Thumbs down!

Dostana was such a letdown. Fine, the locales and the actors all looked good. But then that's the case with every other Bollywood movie these days! (Except for 'Ek vivah... aisa bhi' where Esha Koppikar and Sonu Sood were battling it out for the 'who-looks-uglier' title.) But what the heck!! Dostana promos grab attention with the 'gay' story - the film neither amuses nor enlightens.

The horribly loud 'Abhishek-John love-story' flashback - it sucked!  Kiron Kher hammed big-time in her extension of Kantaben and John Abraham just cannot act. He does not act, he does not dance, he does not clothe himself. Sorry dude, I am really not interested in seeing you walking on a beach in those undies or whatever if you cannot emote. And not interested in seeing you that way otherwise too by the way.

The scene when Kiron Kher comes to Abhishek's apartment was faaltoo with a big F.

Abhishek Bachhan sucked especially in the love-story flashback that I booed earlier in this post.

Priyanka Chopra's performance is good. The kid who plays Bobby Deol's son is cho cute. The scenes where Abhishek and John try to misguide Bobby Deol who is trying to woo Priyanka make a good laugh.

But I cannot laugh at Abhishek Bachhan walking in that womanly gait or doing close dancing with Boman Irani.

The film is plain ordinary! Nothing great about this one! 


  1. I want to offer a different perspective.

    This is a Karan Johar movie - good looking young people, awesome clothes (however minimal in this movie!), great homes, no mundane issues like livelihood, foot tapping music, eye catching dance numbers, and a foreign locale.
    He has made it to make money. And he is making it hand-over-fist with this one if crowds over the weekend are any indication.

    John canNOT act - thats a given. Abhishek has awesome comic timing. He was the best part of the movie. His over-the-top acting in the Venice scene was an essential part of the plot and establishing the characters.

    Boman Irani and Kirron Kher's hamming was over the top and added to the comic flavor of the movie.

    Shilpa's body needs to be seen to be believed.
    Priyanka is sunshine through the movie - serious eye candy.

    Both Maa Daa Laadlaa and Desi Girl are awesome.

    There are some great lines e.g. Gabbar Singh, Baal ki dukaan, and so on. Boman's entry is a shameless rip off from Devil Wears Prada but very much in context.

    The gay stereotypes were over the top to make the story funny.
    I am going to watch it at least one more time in the theater and then buy the DVD when its released.

    You need to check out BirdCage *ing Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman and Diane Wiest, Calista Flockhart, Hank Azaria,... An ensemble cast performing extremely well in a gay themed movie set in Miami.

  2. I utilized my money on a far better movie called Dasvidaniya :)

  3. i paid a lesser amount for dasvidaniya and got a better value for money..
    either ways dostaana wasnt that bad at all.. it was fun!!..

  4. well i invested money in Quantum Of Solace instead, for Dostana i saw pirated print (well i know Piracy should be stopped but for films like this...?). For god sake Karan stop shooting in US, and spend that money in a good Story instead. One thing i felt about this movie is that the point of homosexuality is handled casually.