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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye - Movie Review

'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' does to me what 'Bunty aur babli' failed to do. I remember I had fallen asleep through half of the movie. That's because the 'smart' chor-jodi failed to impress me. I did not really appreciate the way they stole things - the fact that they were Abhishek Bachhan and Rani Mukherji is a secondary thing if the screenplay isn't good enough.

'Oye Lucky..' on the other hand is engaging and at times, confusing. The chori acts are truly entertaining and fun to watch. The characters belong to this 'typically Delhi' setup which makes an interesting watch. The Haryanvi officer trying to nab Lucky has this hilarious Haryanvi accent. Archana Puran Singh has done a good job.

Paresh Rawal playing three characters - this was one confusing part of the movie that I did not quite understand. Are they brothers or mere 'hamshaqls', I wondered. They were neither. Paresh Rawal merely plays three discrete characters.

The young Lucky is very adorable. Abhay Deol is super-rocking as the chor who steals for fun, for 'masti' as he calls it.

Amruta Khanvalkar comes up with some superb tracks - the title track especially.

Overall, it was indeed an entertaining movie. Loved it!!

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