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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Washing Machine and Life

(I can imagine Chimpu, a friend pulling his hair out when he reads the title. He believes I stretch everything so that I can connect it to the 'Ultimate truth of life'.)

The clothes are all put into the washing machine. They are all intertwined. The washing machine begins to rotate the clothes - once clockwise, then anticlockwise and repeating the motion this way.

The clothes are there because they are dirty. The dirt often comes out, gets transferred to the other piece of clothing. At times, the shirt gets separated from the scarf due to a cycle of motion.

The clothes think they are caught, trapped in the cycles inside the washing machine. They don't realize that they are being cleaned - due to the motion and the interaction (the way they rub against each other.)

We are all linked - through cycles of lives, one after the other. We are all linked - in the cause why we are moving round and round in the washing machine of the world-time. We are all linked - in the destination all of us have to reach.

The destination is purity. As clean as the clothes when they come out of the washing machine.

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  1. how do you come out with these ideas??.. The blog is great.