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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lessons from the attacks

(I don't want to describe the political/administrative lessons that need to be taken following the terrible terrorist attacks on Mumbai. I leave that to the knowledgeable people in the respective domain. The incidents, however, would teach us several important lessons on the personal level.)

There was certainly one big myth that was broken by the incident. I have a lot of friends who believed and said that terrorist attacks were only at the places of the 'masses'. The incident brought home the point that terrorism could raise its ugly head anywhere and the effects would be as bad anywhere.

Many people walked in and out of the CST station daily. At times, there would be litter on the way. The people would hop, skip and jump over the litter to find their way out. When there was open-firing, people were lying on the same floor with their cheek sticking to it.

There were civilians with their hands raised in a taxi somewhere. There were frantic phone calls being made to each other.

On the other hand, there were citizens who went to various hospitals in Mumbai to offer help to the victims. There were citizens like Harish Iyer who set up blogs so that the netizens from abroad could try to reach out to their loved ones in Mumbai.

The tragic incident only makes us value our today more than anything else. It brings us closer to ourselves, our loved ones and also close to the ones absolutely unrelated to us.

When the flame of hatred burns, it lights up the world to see the love that resides in their hearts...

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