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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attendants at an Amusement Park

As the park guests on the ride scream their lungs out, the attendant operating the ride sits with a calm expression on their face. When it is time to start, the attendant presses the green button. When it is time to stop, the attendant presses the red button. There are other guests in the park who are watching from one side and who are screaming and excited as well. Except the attendant.

It is surprising to see that joy and excitement are essentially associated with 'novelty' and 'leisure'. Once something becomes a habit (for the attendant, the ride and the way it operates is a habit), the joy gets sucked out of it the way a black hole sucks everything in one go. A habit is so regular that it fails to amuse you.

Joy is, hence, in the irregularities of our lives. And what we call 'hobbies' are these irregularities that we like to introduce in our routines so that it brings us joy...

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