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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comparing the Pizza shops

Disclaimer: A very customer-review of different pizza outlets. Not meant to promote or anti-promote any specific outlet.

With the loose flab hanging around my waist, I certainly am, in the truest sense of the word, a junk food lover. While many will argue over whether pizza fits into that category, I would say... it does. :-) Here I compare, in general, some pizza outlets in Mumbai that I have been to. In no specific order.

Pizza Hut: I love the ambience at pizza huts. It's very fresh. The pizzas are ok. There have been more than one occasions when the loo wasn't clean and more than ten occasions when the server dropped the pizza pan before/after serving the food. Btw, the garlic bread with cheese - I could die a hundred times over to be born to eat it!

Smokin' Joes: They have some interesting options- the kinds that the desi junta like me would love. But, many a times, the pizzas have been... smokin' burnt!! :-) The ambience is like a country bar at most Smokin' Joes outlets that I have been to.

Dominos: While their pizzas are the best of the lot and the cheese burst gives me a feeling close to the Big-Oh, their 30-minutes-nahi-to-free thing sucks to the core. They have NEVER given me that commitment! By that I mean, each time I am about to end the call, the lady (or the baba, as the case may be) says, "Sorry sir, we cannot give you the 30-minute-guarantee due to the traffic." And she's said this at 3pm as well when I could practically run shirtless on the road (due to no traffic.) They don't serve Garlic bread with Cheese.. which is a big boo-boo. They have Garlic breadsticks which are too thick and chewy for my taste. Btw, Dominos do not have a great seating space leave alone the ambience. But they have the BEST CHEESE BURST and that's sufficient for me!!

Garcia's Pizza: This chain of outlets is limited to Mumbai I believe. They are a nice low-budget version of the Pizza hut pizzas. The pizzas are AS GOOD AS the ones at Pizza hut. The places lack any ambience whatsoever.

Pizzas etc: Last but not the least, I would surely recommend this one outlet place called Pizzas etc. near Ghatkopar East station. The pizzas, the pastas and the garlic bread were all very yummy there. The seating space is outdoors though very attractive.

Poptate's/Jughead's: They aren't pizza-pizza joints but I have had AMAZING PIZZAS at amazingly low rates at these places. The choice is ofcourse limited to a total of six pizzas since that's just a small section on their menu.

As a side-note, I really don't like the thin crust pizzas served by most of these outlets. They only look/taste like paapads!

Waise, thirty minutes ho gaya and my Dominos Cheese Burst pizza hasn't arrived yet! Lemme go and call them once....


  1. Hmmmm..... Whenever I come in Mumbai I will keep these places in mind for sure...... Thanks for the know-how... ;-)

  2. Hmmmm..... Whenever I come in Mumbai I will keep these places in mind for sure...... Thanks for the know-how... ;-)

  3. You MUST go to Papa John's... as you like bread stix and garlic sauce :)

  4. how cud i forget 'papa john's ' :).. it s one of my favs too.. :)

  5. oy where is Papa John's?? i think they are the one who give good discounts to IIT-Bian...and you have forgotten them...namak haraam :P

  6. yummmm....cheese burst is my pick out of all of those !!!!