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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Interpreting 'The Homecoming'

Disclaimer: Imaginary in parts. An original work of expression.

He was reading 'The Homecoming' by Shashi Warrier as he walked home. He had begun reading the book for the last ten days and was reading it throughout the train journey today.

He closed the book and rang the door-bell. It was mom at the door. Her face smiled as she saw her son back after more than seven months.

He kept his bag on the floor. He carried the book to his room. He hurled it on his bed and headed for a shower.

The book lay on his bed and he took a peaceful shower.

The book speaks about a native of Kashmir who returns home after a long period of time. He is immediately picked up by the police along with his son. They are suspected to be a part of the militant group.

The world turns around for him as the land that he called his own considers him a traitor and the people who he thought were his friends distrust him. He then fights a battle for justice and for his son.

The he who was taking the shower stood silently outside the bathroom as the water dripped down his calf on the floor.

We tend to assume a lot of joys to be naturally occuring to us. We take such joys, which are in fact 'privileges' for granted. Coming back home and feeling peaceful is one such joy. The sad part of it is that a lot of our people have not been as lucky...

If we are peaceful and happy, we are only lucky...


  1. very true...
    we take these joys for granted instead of enjoying them..
    and we have this hypothetical idea of what joy is..something beyond our imagination.. and thus we keep on waiting to experience it instead of taking the essence of real joy..

  2. yeah, you're right...
    i'm so lucky living in a peaceful place and coming home to my family in a peaceful place too, and then my family give me warm reception...
    reading the homecoming-editing for indonesian language edition actually-give me another insight of the essence of life, and the feeling become parent or child...

  3. Its just one such e.g. of homecoming... but I feel it can be for different reasons too.... Well I believe this idea is nicely being portrayed but still if one follows Humanity than any other religion then sorrows will surely weigh lesser than joys.... Nice work though... kiu AJ