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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Butterfly

A butterfly played with me each time I rode my bicycle up the road. The road went uphill and was flanked with tall gulmohar trees on both sides. There were bushes at the base of the trees that surrounded them like puppies huddled around Momma doggy.

The butterfly was beautiful brown in colour with tiny red spots on its wings. It played around in the bushes. Each time I treaded up or down the road, the butterfly flapped it wings and sat on the handle of my bicycle. When I pushed the cycle upwards by the pedal, the butterfly would fly away - only to land back on the handle next time I came along.

The butterfly was like a friend who would greet me every day. Nothing more. But nothing less too. It was someone who would never forget to greet me.


Today was a pleasant morning. I drove up the road again. I realized that the stretch of the road was over and the butterfly was not there today. I took a U-turn and halted the bicycle near the bushes. The butterfly was not there...

I pushed my cycle with my left leg and began pedaling upwards again.

As I moved away from the friend I met every day, there were a hundred Gulmohar flowers that had fallen on the road. The fiery red colour of the flowers looked like a hundred red spots on the road. It was as if the tiny spots on the wings of the butterfly had translated to these spots on the road - now that the butterfly was gone.

To feel connected to people, you do not have to spend too much time with them. We realize what big a difference these small connections made to us only after they disappear...


  1. Humanity is basically divided into 2 -- one that recognises the value of things it has when it has them and remains happy, the other which laments on recognising the past and so misses the present..?