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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Bolly Sirens

Note: For humour. The names of the public figures may be wrongly used

Mom said the other day that all Bollywood actresses of today look the same to her. Maybe it's because all of them visit the same doctor..? *wink*

The new batch of Bolly heroines is certainly new and improving. 'New' because they are 'new' and 'improving' because they are .. ahem.. 'improving'. I see a certain 'growth' in every movie of theirs. How I wish this growth was the one in their acting prowess.

They come in all shapes and sizes. There's a Kareena Kapoor in size zero and a Vidya Balan in size... one zero zero. While the former seems to have learnt her 'weird blank expressions with a tinge of fear and sorrow' from her sister Lolo, the latter could never get over her Parineeta image. But I am really surprised at why Vidya Balan hasn't joined the bhooli bisri actresses league yet (the place where the likes of Gracy 'Lagaan' Singh - who's just as close in size to Vidya - R. I. P. )

Forgotten actresses ka naam liya and I remember, Tanisha - Kajol's sister. This lady could not scream over-the-top in emotional scenes like her sister, this lady did not have a good friend Karan Johar to back her. In sab ke baawajood, how did she even think she would make it in Bollywood?! And then she dropped (most of) her clothes in 'Neal n Nikki'. Now that was fine. But, who did she romance with those skimpy clothes on her? Uday 'Chimp' Chopra??? That did it for you, Tanisha Begum!!

Enough of bhooli bisri bollywood sirens. Among the new ones, we have Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta and the others. Priyanka Chopra is a sheer case of 'glam-babe-trying-her-hand-at-substance-roles'. I remember the days of 'Asambhav' (btw, that's a film of hers with Arjun Rampal) where she looked like a mannequin that walked. I also remember a recent film of hers called 'Love story 2050' with her then-boyfriend Harmanbhai Baweja. With all the red hair and Piggy (she IS rightly called 'Piggy Chops') expressions on her, I SO WANTED A REFUND!!!!!

And then there's Kangana Ranaut who is specializing in the 'traumatized aaj ki naari' kind of roles. The day I got to know that Shekhar Suman's son Adhyayan is her boyfriend, I got to know how she emotes so well. The poor girl is 'indeed' traumatized.

Bollywood we love and b*tching about the Bolly sirens I love...


  1. I agree on all the comments you made.... Infact its more truth than comments..... And the best of the lot was Priyanka Chopra's "then-boyfriend" ..... :D ... Keep up the good work.... ;-)

  2. I am not a big bollywood movie fan but your comments certainly made me smile.