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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Krishna's mothers

Dear Krishna,

You were born to Devaki in a prison. Due to circumstances, you grew up with Yashoda who raised you with all her love.

Were you only doubly lucky? No, you are God yourself. You must have orchestrated the whole thing. What, then, was the intuition behind having two mothers in this Avatar of yours?

Wasn't Devaki under the impression for a long time that she had delivered a daughter the eighth time and that Kansa had killed the daughter? So was Devaki's role as your mother over after she gave birth to you?

Didn't Yashoda believe that you were her son until she got to know that you were born for a cause and were with her just because your life was under harm in the prison?

Did Devaki forget you because she was ignorant of the fact that you were born? Did Yashoda take care of you only because she was ignorant too?

When I hear about Devaki and Yashoda, I only admire your strength. You keep us all ignorant and it is this ignorance that takes us through.

If we weren't ignorant about the things that we are ignorant about, maybe the reality would be too harsh to accept (Imagine Yashoda knowing that Krishna wasn't her son.)

Krishna, thank you for blessing us with ignorance. We are rising, we are living and we are learning only because of this ignorance.



  1. what does this mean??!!
    i m confused... :(

  2. chhan!!!
    suruvatila vatala ha kaay sangtoy kay yaatun?
    but then khup chhan vatala!!