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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silence of oneself

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk!

I close my eyes. It's the same darkness again. The darkness that seems to prove to me the presence of an infinitely deep world within me.

I sense the vibrations in my body. The vibrations whose existence I know of without a doubt but whose location I would never be able to pinpoint. I sense the vibrations travelling from my brain to my shoulders and then coming back to my voice-box.

I hear the sound of an 'Om' - a sound that resonates through my brain, a sound that slightly escapes through the thin slits of my eyelids. The sound is like the steam that takes along with it all that was impure and foreign leaves my body.

The sound of the Om wanes off and I hear nothing. I have no thoughts, no feelings.

I am at peace. I hear silence. Silence of myself filling up my ears and my mind...


  1. Talking about meditation? A few people can reach so deep to experience that "silence".

  2. I was recently studying an article of Scientists all around the world working on power of the word "Om" and no surprises they came up with the result that it can mollify any kind of being. Well this article of yours once took me to my spiritual being.... Very Nice