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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chingi says...(1)

"Chingi" is an eight-year old girl. Without giving you typical adjectives like 'innocent' and 'witty', let me allow you to find out yourself....

Chingi : "Aai * ........................"

Aai : "What happened, Chingi?"

Chingi : "When the school bus is full, we sit on the seat beside driver kaka.."

Aai: "Ok so..."

Chingi : "People also stand in the doorway and the door of local trains and go...."

Aai : "So...."

Chingi : "When you, me, Baba and dada go out, you make me sit on your lap in the autorickshaw....."

Aai : " What are you trying to tell me, Chingi..."

Chingi : "In fact Aai.. I have fun when I sit on the seat adjacent to the driver's... Cos I see the road straight .. feels great!"

Aai : "Ohh... there you go again.."

Chingi : "Aai.... what I'm trying to say is...... if all this is OK, what's wrong if three extra passengers are made to sit in the cockpit and the flight attendants' seat.. Wow... if sitting in the 'drivers' pit ' is so much fun, how amazing would sitting near the pilot would be!!!"

(Aai notices the news on the television.. smiles to herself... )

Aai : "But Chingi... the aeroplane will fall down with the weight, won't it?!"

Chingi: "Oh come on, Aai.. the aeroplane is so huge! It won't!! I mean, will a cow sit down due to the weight if a crow sits on its back...."

Aai: "But that is the rule with aeroplanes! And rules have to be followed right?!"

Chingi: "But there's a rule that there must be three passengers in autorickshaws and a similar number of limited passengers on buses and trains... In fact, nobody notices that there are seat numbers in local trains too... Why don't we follow that rule, Aai...."

Aai : (hurriedly goes inside) " I am yet to cook dinner for all of us. You change the channel, Chingi... watch some cartoon."

With reference to:

Aai * - The Marathi word for mother


  1. hey aadi...it is really good..
    i like ur way to crticize soemthing.
    good one..

  2. Ahh!! What a blog.... Gr8 one man... But I don't know whether it'll be a tight slap on media or the Aviation dept. .... :P

  3. The innocence of babies hide profound truths; truths which age and maturity cannot or will not accept. Somewhere, while on her journey to adulthood Chingi will forget all that she knew to be true and sacrifice her innocence in the altar of education.