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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Power of the Rich

Disclaimer: The picture has been clicked by me. Do not use without permission. I hold the Creative commons copyright for it.

A picture says a thousand words,they say. This picture does, to me.

There is a blast of clouds - they are all rising from the tall buildings that lie cluttered in a corner of the pic. This blast of clouds rises like a gush of fire that will engulf everything that comes in its way. The clouds really look like fire to me - they are grey in the centre and shiny white towards the edges as they reflect the sunlight off them. The clouds look like they are all-powerful - and they all arise from the tall buildings.

The picture reaffirms my belief in the worldly saying that it is the rich and the powerful who are influencing the direction of the world. Or perhaps it is the rich who are amassing the clouds of the world - while the rest of the sky is empty...


  1. I just want to ask u Aditya did this thought which you've expressed came before the snap or after it was taken?.... It's truly amazing re..... Nice