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Monday, July 20, 2009

Raining all year

I sit at my window looking at Powai that rises above Powai lake like a mighty demon in all its power. The greenery on the bank of the lake is bordered by a highway and skyscrapers that extend from the highway.

It is raining and I see the lake perturbed and rustling like a hot plate when we splatter water on it.

Monsoons are romantic and beautiful. Why doesn't it rain the entire year, I thought...

Then I realized that it does... It does.

The sun makes sure that it rains light every single day of the year. We call the sun 'scorching hot'....

The clouds only appear in the sky three months a year and it rains water in that period of time. We call them the 'romantic and pleasant rains'...

We remember the drops of water that rain on us some times but conveniently forget the drops of light that rain on us every single day of our life.

It's only 'occasional favours' that are remembered. When someone habitually does something for you, it gets forgotten...


  1. the last line steals the show!!

  2. i agree completely..
    if things get habitual they become lesser valued most of the times.
    just reminded me how i took habitual goodness in people near me for granted. thanks for reminding :)

  3. रोज मरे त्याला कोण रडे
    Thats what your article finishes saying! And thats perfectly alright!

    I would like to say this...
    We curse a thing when its harmful for us! Thats the human nature! See for example the rains...

    When it pours to the extent that becomes unbearable by "highway and skyscrapers" that are built "over the lake", we curse the rain too!

    Its a little different from the topic but still this is what came to my mind after reading ur post!

    Article is AADITYA-eshtyle-- good as always!