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Friday, July 03, 2009

Chor ki warning

Disclaimer: A real photograph clicked by me. Do not use without permission

You've seen advertisements outside small restaurants that read 'We also take party orders'. For the desi ones among us, we have seen advertisement boards that say 'Hamare yahan sabhi prakaar ke photo frames banaake milenge..'

The other day, I was surprised to see a advertisement-cum-intimation-cum-threat of sorts. On the outer wall of a building compound I saw written (as you see in the snap), "Bicycles are stolen from here" (which I would love to translate to Hindi as "Hamare yahan sabhi prakaar ke cycle chori kiye jayenge")

That's amusing and amazing you see!! Which chor (thief) in the world has dared to do that!!! Get the wall at the attack site painted with a warning that you are going to steal from there! One only needs courage to do something like that!

While I applauded in my mind, I later learnt that the text was put up there by the buildingwallahs to keep people away after some bicycles were stolen from here... too bad..... :-p

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